Mimeo is a global leading innovator of content management, digital distribution and online printing.  Located on the 22nd floor at 3 Park Avenue in Manhattan, the office houses 150 executives and employees as well as visiting personnel from the firm's regional and overseas offices.  The 23,000 SF sales and marketing office features a large social space with a coffee and drinks bar, open plan offices, meeting rooms with transparent glass glazed walls, a limited number of private offices, expansive windows and industrial-looking finishes such as exposed ceilings and polished concrete floors.

The office offers 360 degree views of New York City and the surrounding areas.  Featuring wrap around windows, this space takes advantage of the expansive views of the Manhattan skyline, which are prominently incorporated into the design.  It houses a large, 3,500 SF social area that serves as an employee break room, event and client meeting space and entertainment facility.  It also incorporates a reception desk and a boardroom.  Designed in the tech-loft aesthetic, the space communicates Mimeo's democratic corporate culture, energetic and youthful tech firm environment, and the openness of its business operations.

In addition to serving as an informal meeting and collaboration space for local employees, the social space is also fulfilling its intended role as a gathering and networking venue for both Mimeo's global workforce and its clients.

  • Size: 23,000 SF
  • Role: Interior Designer/Architect
  • Photos: Tom Sibley/Wilk Marketing Communications