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PEM America

PEM America, specializing in the design and manufacture of bedding, came to Montroy DeMarco Architecture LLP with a request for a new, extremely versatile showroom. The resulting space, designed with fluidity and user experience in mind, addresses the constantly changing nature of fashion and design trends and the need for a customizable showcasing. Entering the space at a grand reception, the viewer is immediately greeted by a custom digital display of the represented design brands. Traveling through the space, the use of simple finishes, a flexible track lighting system and bespoke movable walls that can be powered through the light track, allow for the texture, color and character of each individual bedding brand and design to be emphasized and elevated, but also easily manipulated to stay current with the ever-changing trends. The two floor showroom space features a connecting wood and metal stair, both elegant in its simplicity and functional in its ability to further highlight feature product with the use of platforms. With the stair is a small lounge area and sliding glass wall, allowing for the adjacent conference meeting space to close for intimate product meetings, or completely open up into the showroom, for large social gatherings. At the third floor, the showroom tour closes at an open meeting space, including digital screens for product review, a small pantry and bar area that can be used separately as a social space or nested together to allow for additional showroom floor space and display of product. The flexibility of the design has given PEM America a limitless ability to create intimate environments along with open congregation, ever-focusing on their specialty and the interests of their industry and clientele.


Size: 16,000 SF
Industry: Supplier of High Quality Soft Home Products
Role: Interior Architectural Design